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(3 Pack) 7-in-1 Adaptable Light Bulb

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(3 Pack) 7-in-1 Adaptable Light Bulb

Ever wished you could put more than 1 bulb in a single socket? 

The 7 in 1 Bulb Adapter can fit 7 bulbs in 1 E27 socket!

If you want to save on your electricity bill, you can install LED bulbs for lesser energy consumption but with the brilliance of all 7 at once! 

Brighten your home, office, workshop, restaurant, hotel, coffee shop, art gallery, photo studio, and many more!

Great for any room that needs a lot more light, be it the garage, dining room or living room!

Uses less watt, but provides more brightness.

A modern take on the classic chandelier.

You can now use more lights without having to install additional wirings. 

Illuminate the darkness with the 7 in 1 Bulb Adapter now!